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Another Teenage Vice

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haha The Joke! The joke is on Me!

Is it not always? The realization of thought long past. I am too forgetful! It is my forgetfulness which prevents my progression of self, for how can one progress if they restart the game every time they play it?

Time and time again I find myself reflecting on thoughts written down ages ago and they are the answer to my suffering, my self inflicted anguish solved with simple reminiscence, aided by an old notebook or a blog. This tells me that this is no riddle, it is nothing which needs deciphering because I solved the puzzle when I was first given it. 

It is a fault of self.. the continual self decadence and indulging in decadent behavior with those around me (The mask which is put up is one of pleasure but ignorance is bliss remember). It's parasitic this force which spreads like wildfire. To leave an impression on someone one needs to do nothing but be sensed. That impression will be decided on what that person was doing and the mind of the observer.

A group of people sitting around in self decadence helps nothing but such grow, taking in those under its wing who are unable to see it for truly is or who feel as if though they haven't any other option because of what the world has given them hitherto. 

Posted by Cyrus Blake at 12:33 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 12:37 AM EST
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A memorandum for myself on why I'm here, and stuff.
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Just - Radiohead

I'm here to provide intellectually stimulating thought to anyone who cares to listen. 

I'm here because I choose to be

I choose to be for I have nothing better to do and am not certain what lies beyond life.  There are things I wish to accomplish for I aspire to be more than I am, these accomplishments will aid in the overall satisfaction I receive from life, given that societies goal as a whole is to be greater. 

Now if all life nothing more than an incessant series of gratification then there is no plateau where one will be done. When we are on our deathbed we will look upon our accomplishments and failures in comparison to the majority and if we are greater in stature we gain a feeling complacency with death, if not then we shall be weary and full of regret. 

What life is it to live in comparison to another, my only goal is to be great for I know that I am great. If I am not great then so be it, it does not make me displeased to know that my life was not one to be considered great by majority, if I were to die tonight I would not be discontent for what has occurred. This lack of concern for my final hour is close to being nihilistic but not quite. 

Posted by Cyrus Blake at 2:20 AM EST
Updated: Monday, February 8, 2010 7:19 PM EST
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Worship the Man in your Mirror, then Kill Him.
Mood:  rushed

What are we not but children of the night? We are products of our desire, we are the pulse of hedonism, we are the ultimate feelers thinkers and lovers. We are creations of desire, and as such we should chase it, chase chase chase until we decease from our everlasting pursuit of pleasure.

I cannot breathe, I cannot see past myself and this is very unfortunate for I would prefer to be but a reflection; yet undisputably I am I, and he is he.


Am I making sense? Define sense. Can you will thought fluidly and break the bounderies of yourself? Transcend. 


Impossible is our goal but it's the pursuit which we must continue.



Posted by Cyrus Blake at 10:34 PM EDT
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Friday, August 21, 2009


Are you not the bane and life essence of man? Do you know where I'm coming from? Understand me. Understand what I am trying to express to you, what I convey is never taken accurately perhaps it is understood but my why is never known. 

Expressing how you feel is an effort in futility. You will be seen for what you are feeling rather than why you are feeling this way, sympathies perhaps given but not granted on the same logic. Let you marvel at the inner workings of my mind, let me paint for you the most intricate portrait of my thoughts and write the most honest sonnet. Why though? Your interpretations are just that, they are not emphatical of what I feel nor will you ever understand.




Posted by Cyrus Blake at 1:49 AM EDT
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Monday, August 17, 2009


We have responsibilities, things we are demanded to do. Procrastination of those responsibilities usually has negative consequences yet we choose to put off these required tasks for one reason or the other, usually friviolous ones.

Do you understand this? We are so lazy to the extent of shirking our responsibilities which could have an extremely terrible outcome if we do not commit to them, we are watching ourselves fall right before our own eyes. WILLINGLY.

This self decadence will have anything but a positive outcome.  Those who watch civilizations fall whos collapse they could have prevented are the ones below me, for they are the ones who choose to live a lowly existence.

Posted by Cyrus Blake at 12:34 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, August 17, 2009 1:26 PM EDT
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Friday, August 14, 2009


Everyone has judged someone as soon as they gave them the up and down (judging someone by their appearance) and has probably been way off from what that person is actually like; possibly you could have been correct but most likely you weren't.

Of course someone shouldn't be judged solely by how they present themselves; we can't just make these assumptions and go from them as if they actually had merit in their origin.

Point being - We cannot be a good judge of character within the time frame of five seconds when meeting someone for the first time. So don't be so quick to judge someone xD

Personally I am not trying to give off any impression when I meet someone, I don't dress to impress :p I dress comfortably and in what I feel comfortable wearing. But as for dressing in a manner suitable for social engineering (That is to speak of, persuasion) I'm quite sure that if one were to dress a certain way they could easily give off an impression not similar to theirselves in order to gain favor with a certain party, by being a poser in other words. I would not consider it poseur if one wanted to gain favor solely to influence a group rather than gain friendship and a sense of "fitting in", genius is what I'd call it.

Posted by Cyrus Blake at 12:20 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, August 14, 2009 12:56 PM EDT
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Relationships and Emotional Maturity.

Most of you by now have had a special someone, somebody to call your own and to love and care for. Sometimes though the very people we care about or have cared about are not of emotional maturity to handle a loving dedicated relationship with their significant other, easily being influenced by outside forces. Hell some even just use their partner as a placeholder! The shallowest and selfish of all.

Those of you in relationships be considerate of your partners feelings, while I'm far from the relationship expert (Ask my friend Rhys for a better explanation on relationships xD) Do not toy with another persons emotions! It's childish and very indecent and should go without saying. 

Now obviously someone who chooses to use their partner merely for selfish reasons (e.g for sex, gifts, clothing, to attempt to smite one of their ex-boyfriends  etc.) is not someone who is able to handle going out with another person and should question their level of emotional maturity before making further attempts at a relationship.

People do make mistakes, and we can do nothing but learn from them. But to make a mistake and to repeat the same action knowing of the repercussions is showing that you could really care less for the feelings of the people in your life and should be tied at stake and stoned to death.


Okay thats probably a bit harsh but hey :p.

Posted by Cyrus Blake at 3:22 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 4:07 PM EDT
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Life and it's intrinsic value.

"Life is what you make of it." Few people realize the meaning of this saying, perhaps it is subjective but this is my interpretation which I feel is the "true" definition.

Choice. You choose to exercise and be in shape, you choose to be lethargic and overweight. You choose to go to work, to wake up in the morning, to take a shower; to stay at home, to sleep in, to not bathe. You choose to live or die. We all have a choice. What we choose to do will affect where we are at, and where we are at is a reflection of nothing more than our preference. 

You can live comparing your life to someone elses, or you can live knowing that your stature is not a reflection of your worth. There is equal wisdom gained from parallel perspectives; someone who lives humbly will come to the eventual truth that happiness is not measured in material wealth, but in satisfaction of ones own effort. 

We are all over and under, wealthy and poor, wise and ignorant, strong and weak. We are everything simultaneously yet we are not, because to another we can only be the prior or latter, but to all we change depending on each persons perspective of us, their opinion relative to their own position, who we are subjective to everyone.

So live your life knowing that you are equal and unequal, and that you should not aim for something merely because it is seemingly better to others; do as you please, because the dead are able to rest just as much as we are able to breathe and they cannot. 


Posted by Cyrus Blake at 2:07 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, August 10, 2009 3:54 AM EDT
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Decision, Will Power and Wisdom.

Everyone makes their own choices in life, even those who choose to let others make them for them; they chose that. If I feel that to be happy I must live in a certain area, be surrounded by certain people and make a certain amount of money then that's my standard, it's what I want out of life.

But the system in place can easily ruin ones chances at succeeding, we are not all super economists, most of us are just average people working average jobs living average lifestyles. I don't feel like settling for average. Why, because it'll make me better than you average people? Hell no it won't make me a damn bit better, but it's what I want.

Realizing that you want more from life than most people is halfway to getting where you want, now you must put yourself into action. Do not delay! If you want something then get it. What separates us from what we want to be is ourselves; we are our own worst enemy. There are those who simply do not care despite their suffering and complaining they just cannot exert the necessary will-power to do anything other than lay around.

Can anyone truly be happy? The pursuit of happiness is an eternal chase. As the saying goes, "ignorance is bliss." - I find much truth in this. The stupid are the happiest of all! For how could understanding be synanimous with joy? Wisdom does not make one happy nor does it make one depressed; knowledge is plain and unexciting. Curiosity develops from not knowing something, once that thing is known it is no longer fascinating. A magicians trick will get no applause if the crowd knows how it's done.

Posted by Cyrus Blake at 10:38 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, August 7, 2009 12:39 AM EDT
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tenacity and Self-Worth.

I had written an entry and it was deleted before I was able to post it, I'd like to thank the F5 key.

I don't even feel like rewriting it.

Good day :D


This is a bit off from what I wrote originally before it was accidentally deleted but I'll try anyway.


People must be constant in their efforts to succeed, if we want something we should go get it, if we dislike something we should do everything in our power to change it. It is those who lack this motivation who will be forever glum.

Standard of living - Everyone has different standards of living; Where you live, whos around you and how much money you make. Everyone lives below or above someone elses standard of living; nobody lives the same. Would we be happy if we all had the same standard of living? No, but we would not be depressed about it. The thing is there will always be someone below you and there will always be someone above you so regardless you will feel the same in life. 

How one wishes to live is different though, perhaps you've grown weary of your lifestyle and wish to be at a higher standard of living - it'll take work to get there and once your goal is accomplished you'll feel exactly how you did once before except this time you crave even more. A friend told me once that happiness is relative to the amount of material possessions those around you have, you don't have to have more than everyone else just more than those around you. What truth is this? This is the logic of the incompetent and lame. To confide in having a higher standard of living is no happiness. 

Do you feel that some people are better than others? Of course the man who wishes to excel and go beyond is better than those who desire nothing but their asses. We are not all equal, we are hardly equal! And that is great. We can be more than anyone has ever been and it's all up to your self, inequality how great a thing!



Posted by Cyrus Blake at 11:58 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2009 11:59 PM EDT
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